Dear custumer

of or of

Thank you for your booking
You can pay in two ways:
By banktranfert or with PayPal

Beste klant

van of van

Dank u voor uw booking
U kan op 2 manieren betalen
ofwel met een bankoverschijving
ofwel via PayPal

1 met bank overschrijving // with Banktransfert

Swiftcode: KREDBEBB or KREDBEBB100
Iban: BE24 4037 1108 4138
Bank’s adress: Kredietbank Nv Havenlaan 2 1080 BRUSSEL Belgium

My name:
Tom Gysels
2660 Hoboken

 vermeld uw huurperiode en het huis aub // please specify your period in the description

you will receive the payment confirmation in a few days.

2 with PayPal

with PayPal (via your creditcard)
please press the button below and fill in the right amount in Euro

you will receive the payment confirmation immediately




Tom Gysels – Kloosterstraat 99 2660 Hoboken Belgium – tax nr BE 0500 745 672 – mobile +32 495 54 41 42 – mail: please use the contactform